Adopt Angel our Barn Owl

About Angel

Angel was bought by the Trust to replace Pauly on our fundraising and educational displays and to allow Pauly to retire. Unfortunately, his temparament was not suited to public displays. Our volunteers are working with him to try to rectify this issue and are hopeful that he will be able to join our display group once he has matured a little.




About Barn Owls

The Barn Owl is probably the most iconic of the native British Species. With it’s heart-shaped face, mottled colouring and large appealing eyes, the Barn Owl has become a much-loved countryside bird.

The Barn Owl feeds on mice, voles, shrews and rats. This has, unfortunately, exposed the species to the dangers of pesticides which have become a major cause of death in this beautiful bird. Studies have identified that rats are building immunity to certain poisons and when ingested the rats become lethargic but do not die. This makes them easy prey for a Barn Owl. As the Barn Owl has not built-up any resistance, they often succumb to the lethal doses of poison in the rat.

The distinctive heart-shaped facial disk serves a purpose in helping the Barn Owl hunt. The disk channels sound to the ears either side of the facial ruff, helping them to pin point exactly where their prey is.

The male and female of the species can be identified by the speckling on the stomach and underside of the female’s wings, while the male is pure white underneath.