Adopt Ayam our Snowy Owl

About Ayam

Ayam is a young female snowy owl and was bought for educational display purposes and to replace our snowy owl Maya who we sadly lost. Although Ayam is one of the youngest of Bills residents, she is also one of the loudest and craves attention.

About Snowy Owls

With it’s white plumage and large yellow eyes, the Snowy Owl is a striking and majestic bird. Perhaps best known as Harry Potter’s companion in more recent years, the Snowy Owl has become an iconic bird of prey.

Originating in the Artic Tundra, these birds sometimes migrate to Canada, Europe and Asia and have travelled as far South as Scotland and have even been sighted in Northern England.

The favoured prey of the Snowy Owl is lemming although they will hunt rabbits, rodents, birds and fish to supplement their diet. The Snowy Owl hunts primarily with hearing listening for sounds of it’s prey. If it hears movement beneath snow cover , it will use it’s powerful feet to plunge through the snow to catch it’s quarry.

The snowy owl usually mates for life with a mating pair working together to raise the young. The snowy owl also lays relatively large clutches of eggs consisting of between four and ten eggs and eggs can be laid up to five days apart meaning that in any one clutch you could have chicks at varying stages of development.