Adopt Bracken our Chaco Owl

About Bracken 

Bracken is a male Chaco Owl. He came to us from a breeder. When Bracken’s partner died, he wouldn’t pair with another female. Because he wouldn’t breed, his owner was going to have him put to sleep.

He has severe problems with his beak which has grown twisted due to not being clipped. After monitoring the problem, his beak is slowly straightening and Bracken is growing in confidence.

About Chaco Owls

The Chaco Owl Originates from southern Bolivia, western Paraguay and northern Argentina and favours dry sparse woodland.

The Chaco Owl preys mainly on small birds and mammals but will also catch and eat insects, spiders and scorpions. They hunt primarily in at night from dusk onwards.

Preferred nesting sites are inside holes in trees or under bushes and fallen branches. A Choco Owls clutch will usually consist of two eggs which are incubated and hatched by the female, while the male hunts and provides for her.