Adopt Sulky our Bengal Eagle Owl

About Sulky 

Sulky is a lovely old male Bengal Eagle owl. He is partially brain damaged and has lost an eye as he became distressed by a death in the area and badly hurt himself.

Since the incident Sulky has developed a mild form of autism and has become fixated with pebbles, counting them and moving them around his aviary.

He has also begun to mimic our hen Harriet and clucks at us as we pass. Despite these problems, Sulky is happy with us and craves attention.

About Bengal Eagle Owls

The Bengal Eagle owl, also known as Indian Eagle Owl or Rock Eagle Owl, is native to India, Pakistan and Nepal.

The Bengal Eagle Owl will usually take prey from the ground usually hunting from a perch but on occasion will also take prey on the wing. Small mammals such as rats and mice are their primary quarry but they will also take other birds, reptiles and insects. The Bengal Eagle Owl is mostly active during the day, roosting at night. Also, unusual for an owl of it’s size, the Bengal Eagle Owl tears it’s prey apart rather than swallowing it whole.

When breeding, the Bengal Eagle Owl lays a clutch of between two and four white eggs which are incubated by the female. They favour nests which consist of a shallow scrape on bare earth, sometimes under a bush or between rocks.