Adopt Zena our Harris Hawk

About Zena

Zena our Harris HawkZena is our female Harris Hawk. Prior to coming to us, Zena was going to be sent to a breeder. Many breeders (particularly those who breed for profit) care little for the well-being and health of their birds. Bill could not bear for Zena to be sent into a life of constant breeding and bought her himself. She’s a big softie with a lovely temperament and croons at people as they pass her aviary.




About Harris Hawks 

The Harris Hawk is native to CentraZena, our Harris Hawkl and Southern America though has proved popular in the U.K. as a flying and hunting bird.

The Harris Hawk can live up to twelve years in the wild but have been known to live twice as long when kept in captivity.

In the wild, the Harris Hawk preys on small mammals and hunts as part of a family group (sometimes called a cast) taking turns to flush and chase down their prey. The family unit works so effectively together that any birds who are unable to take part in the hunt are provided for by the rest of the group.

Zena our Harris HawkBeing highly social, the Harris Hawk is also unusual in the way that they rear their young. Young Harris Hawks have been known to live with the family unit for up to three years, helping to raise subsequent clutches and hunt.

The Harris Hawk is favoured among falconers because of their size, intelligence and temperament and are viewed as an ideal beginners bird as they are easy to train. However, the popularity of this bird with inexperienced hobbyists, means that we at the Trust have seen an increase in call outs to Harris Hawks in recent years.