New roofs for our birds at the sanctuary

We now have new roofs on 11 of the 12 aviaries that needed replacing and would like to put out a big thank-you to everyone that came along and offered help and support.

BBC radio Lancashire at the owl sanctuary



Radio Lancashire came down to the sanctuary to broadcast their show ‘live’ from Barn Owl Bill HQ!



Sadly we did have quite a few people who were unable to help after offering, but, we ploughed on through and fueled with cups of tea we got the work done 🙂

Frames for the new aviary roofs at the sanctuary under construction




Bill who has been quite ill recently would like to offer his heartfelt thanks to everyone that helped.  It is a weight off, knowing that the aviary roofs are secure for the coming winter, the old wooden ones could have caused major problems for us.




Photo: David Hurst Carol Higham of Barn Owl Bill's with the new roofs on the owl cages at Southbrook Road, Leyland