One in five!

Just a quick update for you all

We recently had a Barn Owl sitting on 5 eggs, which we thought was great.  Alas four of them were kicked out of the nest inside the aviary and didn’t make it.  However, about 4 weeks ago an egg was kicked out on it’s own around the time one of the volunteers was working in the area.  He saw the egg and it ‘chirped’ at him!



It’s really amazing, we haven’t had an owl chick hatch in about 4 years.





When he arrived with us he was eating about 2 ounces of food per 24 hours, in just four weeks he has quadrupled in size and is now eating 10 – 12 ounces of meat which includes bone and fur (they need this for development and growth)


We will keep you posted on progress but for now we just have a few photos to show you, sorry if they are a little blurry – we will get more up soon.