Our Displays

The Barn Owl Bill Charitable Trust is a local grass roots charity that rescues rehabilitates and re-releases birds of prey across the North of England. Our charity is much needed as it is one of the few organisations which will go out to rescue birds of prey and will care for injured or disabled birds, only ever considering euthanasia as a last resort, when the bird in question has injuries which are too severe or the quality of life will be brought into question.

At the trust we also aim to educate the general public about Birds of Prey through our Educational and fundraising displays.

We offer two types of display:

Firstly we offer an informative talk (best suited to schools or clubs). This consists of a structured talk with a volunteer standing in front of an audience and delivering information. We also bring a number of our resident birds and explain in detail about them individually and information about the species etc. At the end of the talk there is opportunity for questions and for the audience to get up close to and, depending on the size of audience, handle and stroke the birds.

The second type of display that we offer is what we refer to a ‘Come and go display’ (best suited for Fun Days, Fetes, Fundraisers and big events). This is more informal than the informative talks and consists of a number of our resident birds being arranged so that members of the public can get up close to and handle and stroke the birds at their own leisure under the supervision of our volunteers. Volunteers will be on hand to answer any questions about the birds and the trust but will not give a structured talk. Prices vary dependant on a number of factors including travel costs, length of display and expected attendance. Please ring or e-mail for further information.