Sanctuary Update from June

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for reading. As always the update is late as it has been a mad few months here at the sanctuary with the weather, displays, illness and the coming and going of helpers and help!.

The last update was May so as you can see, I have a lot to write so you can all catch up!!!

JUNE/JULY/AUGUST – Aviaries needed re-roofing due to rain and water damage, and the roof has been replaced slowly! Barn Owl Bill Charity will soon be getting a new website which will be funky and snazzy with all fingers crossed! Snoopy our male snowy owl unofrtunatley passed away afetr a routine operation to remove callouses and abcesses from his foot.
Maintenance has been a continued and ongoing struggle but we are finally getting finished with just several aviaries left to rebuild. the two chickens Harriet and Henrietta have a new nesting box which is off the ground to prevent vermin.
Rescues – as always plenty of birds and other wildlife needed our help! A great Crested Grebe with a fish hook in its beak, Heron with a broken wing that had to be euthanised, a sparrowhawk that flew into a window (now escaped!), a barn owl which has been released!

SEPTMEBER – there has been a proposal for some land to be given to barn owl bill sanctuary on  short term basis. this is still in debate as to go forward and build there as we would have to shut shop and take down what we build to mve elsewhere. We have some new volunteers from Leyland and Chorley volunteer group who help to give tasks to people with specials needs or cant for whatever reason get a job!
Re-roofing is under way ready for winter and felting the roofs has been underway! Maintenance is an on-going project for us all!!
Rescues – European Eagle Owl rescued from a cruel breeder, Burrowing owl with a very damaged leg but died on 6th septmeber! A barn owl that is still with us and a pidgeon that died. And last night we had a rescue rabbit brought t us as it was found wandering on the roads at 12am at night!

New Birds – 2 burrowing owls: 1 male – cackle and 1 female – Pingu and a Asian Wood Owl called Asia. She is a BEAUTIFUL girly but someone was cruel enough to burn her foot with a lighter just before we bought her!!!!

as always Thankyou for your support!

Best wishes, untill next time!
Bye bye from me and everyione at the sanctuary and HOOT from our feathered friends!

Laura-Jayne, Volunteer for Barn Owl Bill Registered charity