Update from the Owl Sanctuary May 2013

Hello everyone, just thought I would update you on recent happenings in the world of BarnOwlBill.

A baby tawny owl was brought to the sanctuary with a damaged leg.  Unfortunately he had to be put to sleep and the damage turned out to be a birth defect.

A collection box was left at Longridge vets for us anonylously, it contained over £17.  Thanks!

We lost two volunteers this month as they are currently on college courses.  One will be back in July and the other in June.  We are however struggling to complete the necessary cleaning and upkeep at the sanctuary.

We have been introducing two of our birds to the displays we hold.  LJ needs a lot more work and handling at the sanctuary before going on a display again, however Coffee is doing really well.  He is becoming a wonderful bird on displays, adpating quickly to all the noises and the strange surroundings.

Gizmo has a congested left lung and is under the vet and on antibiotics which appear to be working.

All the aviary roofs will need to be redone this year before winter.

Our landlords, Progress housing are returning in July but we have not made much progress with the demolition they are requesting.

We have some new sale items coming (tea towels and totes bags) sporting a new design.

That’s all for now, until next time.