what a day

To say what a day would really be a understatement, I am talking about yesterday (Sunday 26th Feb) the display at Millbrook Shopping Centre in Bury. From the minute I walked in with Pauly (Female Barn Owl) on my shoulder and L.J. in her box 10.20am we never stopped until we where packing away at 4.30pm, and I would hope and prey that some people who where there are looking at this blog, THANK YOU.  The people of Bury  made us VERY welcome and made it a day to remember for a very long time.  Barn Owl Bill has now got faith back in human beings for being so generous and interested in meeting our birds. I hope we are able to return in the near future, so that you can see the birds we had that day, and with THANKS for the understanding and interest of the Management maybe bring a few more of our beautiful birds to show the people of Bury!.