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Rescuing owls and other birds of prey since 1992

Lancashire Owl Rescue

Barn Owl Bill has been rescuing owls and other raptors in and around Lancashire since 1992.  Many of the birds are wild animals that have had unfortunate incidents but some are unwanted pets.

Although birds of prey are beautiful to look at they do not make good pets. They are hard to look after and many people cannot give them the attention they need. Often birds are abandoned after being bought with little or no knowledge about the care they require. These birds then find it difficult to return to the wild having previously been given food rather than hunting themselves. They are also less aware of the dangers they face having lived in captivity. If you see an injured bird do not attempt to rescue it yourself. Find an adult that you know – never talk to strangers – and ask them to help you. They will need to wear thick gloves as sick or injured birds can be very defensive and may try to defend themselves or escape. Place the bird in a dry cardboard box and take it to a local vet. If in the North West of England contact Barn Owl Bill for further advice.


Barn Owl Bill is a charitable organisation that relies exclusively on donations to fund its work. We use the generous donations to run the bird of prey rescue service and to house its resident birds who were unable to be returned to the wild.

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22nd April 2018 at Jean Stansfield Memorial Park, Station Rd, Poulton-le-Fylde
5th May 2018 at Higham Village Hall, Burnley
10th June 2018  Myerscough Open Day & Country Fair 2018
7th July 2018 National Meadows Day in Slaidburn
1th August 2018 Clitheroe Food Festival (Castle grounds)