2009 Update from sanctuary!

Hello all,
Hope you had a good christmas and new year.
Heres the 2009 update of whats been going on at the sanctuary!
We have been working like busy bees getting the old aviaries knocked down and rebulit using donated wood and roofing materials. And of course due to the ‘wonderful’ british weather, we have had lots of set-backs but we are slowly getting through them all. We have 13 new aviaries up and running including one for an elderly disabled Barn owl called Jill. All thanks to Bish (Mark Bishop) who as put in many hours of hard work no matter what the weather!!
We have had few rescues over the course of christmas and new year – a robin in supermarket which was a immediate re-release, a seagull from Hutton which unfortunatley had to humanely euthanised, we have a female kestrel who was rescued from walmer bridge who has been brought back from the brink of death and is in a pre-release avairy and flying well and eating lots of mice! She is ready for release as of next week after a check up from our dedicated vet called Kim from Glassbrooks Vets4Pets in Leyland!!
we have had a rescue female tawny owl from Euxton. Unfortunately her wing was too badly damaged to be repaired so it has been amputated and she is being rehabiliated to be used as a breeding female in which young will be released to sustain the species in the wild.
The last rescue was a very bad tempered female European eagle owl who had escpaed from her home. After a short chase which included climbing a roof (not done by Bill), Bill anticipated the best time to jump on it and try to grab its jesses but missed…. therefore sealing the fate of his lower arms to the birds talons! her talons were sunk into Bills arms for 45 mins! Ow!
We also have a rescued Red-tailed Common Boa Constricter. He is called Monty! Hes a bonny lad who is steadliy gaining weight and length through proper and adequate nutrition! Monty is also learning to trust people again! Bill is planning to build a large vivarium for Monty in which he can climb and move around happily as he is an Arboreal (up in the trees) snake species.
Today, we recieved a donation of some plastic sheeting for aviary roofs, kindly given to us by Apeks Marine Equuipment where a voluteers father works. This will a great help in completiion of our re-building project.
SUCCESS! We have successful achieved registered chairty status!! And if anybody from the UK would like to make a donation through Gift Aid (this would mean the sanctuary recieves an extra 28% of whatever is donated!), you can by contacting Bill – www.barnowlbill.co.uk
Bill would like to apologise for the late update but its been organised chaos (usual) down at the sanctuary!
Untill next time.. take care everyone and happy new year!!
by Laura-Jayne (Volunteer for Barn owl Bill!)