Adopt Claret our Tawny Owl

About Claret

Claret is a red female Tawny Owl who was hit by a car and as a result had to have her left wing amputated. She is one of our older residents and mothers the other Tawny Owls that she shares an aviary with. She also occasionally joins our display group on educational and fundraising diplays.





About Tawny Owls

The Tawny Owl is found across the U.K. and is the owl associated with the ‘t00-wit twoo’ call. It is thought that the call is the result of a pair of owls, the female beginning with the ‘too-wit’ sound and the male answering with ‘twoo’, however, single owls in captivity have been known to make both noises themselves.

The Tawny Owl preys on small mammals and birds and will also feed on fish and frogs. As the Tawny Owl does not have water-proofing oil on it’s feathers, it has developed a unique method of fishing. To test whether the water is shallow enough to fish, the Tawny Owl will trail it’s talons through the water and from the temperature, it can tell how deep the water is.