Adopt Dumbo our Long Eared Owl

About Dumbo

Dumbo is a female Long Eared Owl who was bred in captivity. She came to us after we received a telephone call advising that she was flying loose around a car lot. Although she is ringed, we have been unable to trace her previous owners and she is now legally in the custody of the Trust and will remain with us for the rest of her days.




About Long Eared Owls

The Long Eared Owl is widely distributed across North America, Europe, Asia and Northern Africa. They are also native to Britain and favour open woodlands.

Although the Long Eared Owl nests in woodland, they very rarely hunt in this habitat instead preferring to range over open fields, and clearings. They predominantly hunt at dawn and dusk surprising it’s quarry and pouncing to make a kill. The favoured prey of the Long Eared Owl is mainly small mammals and birds, although they will also take insects, frogs and snakes.