Adopt Gypsy our Western Screech Owl

About Gypsy

Gypsy is a female Western Screech Owl who was found floating in a canal in Nelson. She was rescued by an elderly gentleman who cared for her for a while until he was unable to do so any longer. At this point the gentleman contacted The Barn Owl Bill Charitable Trust and gifted Gypsy to our care. She has quickly become a favourite of all of the volunteers without exception due to her calm, sweet nature and cute appearance.




About Western Screech Owls

The Western Screech Owl is native to Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas south to Baja California. They are also known to live throughout Mexico. Western Screech Owls inhabit a wide range of habitats including open forests of many varieties and along the edge of clearings, rivers and lakes.

The Western Screech Owl usually hunts from a perch in open spaces. They hunt an extremely wide range of prey favouring small rodents, large insects and small birds.

Western Screech Owls almost always nest in tree cavities including woodpecker holes. Unusually, they do not use nesting materials and keep their nests extremely clean. They usually lay clutches of between two and five eggs.