Adopt Katie our Great Gray Owl

About Katie

Katie is a female Great Gray owl. As a result of a photo shoot organised by Bill, Katie had her picture published on the front of the Outdoor Photography magazine. She knows she is gorgeous and can be quite a prima donna.

About Great Grey Owls

Great Gray Owls are native to Alaska, Canada, the Northern Rocky Mountains, and northern Minnesota. They also inhabit northern Europe and Asia.

Small rodents, such as pocket gophers, rats, mice and shrew among others, are their primary prey although they are also known to feed on birds, frogs, toads, snakes, and insects. The Great Gray Owl hunts primarily during early morning and late afternoon, although it is not umknown for it to hunt during other daylight hours and also at night. When hunting in snowy conditions, a Great Gray Owl is able to hunt by hearing alone and upon hearing quarry below a snow cover, plunges into the snow to capture the prey moving underneath as far as 30 centimetres (12 inches).

Courtship in Great Gray Owls consists of mutual preening and feeding with the male selecting a number of nesting sites for the female to choose from. Between two and five eggs are laid in a clutch.