Adopt Midge our Little Owl

About Midge

Midge is a female little owl who, as a wild bird, at a few days old, was abandoned by her parents. She was rescued and hand reared by Bill and because of this, she cannot be released as she would be unable to fend for herself. She will live out her life at the sanctuary.

Midge is a real character and has a nasty habit of nipping when handled, but despite this she is a firm favourite with staff at the Trust. She shares an aviary with Tonka our Sunda Scops.


About Little Owls

The Little Owl is a native species to Great MidgeBritain and it is believed that they were introduced to the U.K. in the 19th century. As it’s name suggests, the Little Owl is the smallest native owl in Britain.

The Little Owl feeds primarily on a diet of insects, beetles and worms, although they will also feed on small mammals and birds.

The Little Owl is an extremely aggressive species and will attack animals much larger than themselves (especially when protecting their nests or young). They also have an ingenious defence mechanism. Around the eyes and under the beak the Little Owl has striking white markings that resemble eyebrows and a beard. These markings are also repeated on the back of the bird’s head. This means that any predator approaching a Little Owl from behind, is led to believe that they are in front of the owl and, given the Little Owl’s hostile nature, this is often sufficient to persuade smaller predators not to attack. They also have a distinctive bobbing motion when alarmed or alert.