Adopt Pampoen our African Spotted Eagle Owl

About Pampoen

Pampoen (pronounced “Pampoon”) is a female African Spotted Eagle owl who takes her name from the Afrikaans for pumpkin. She has come a long way from when she first arrived and has even come to enjoy human contact. She shares an aviary with our other African Spotted Eagle owl, Maverick.





About African Spotted Eagle Owls

As suggested by it’s name, the African Spotted Eagle Owl is native to the continent of Africa. They live in a range of habitats including open woodland, savannah, desert and cultivated parkland. They do, however, avoid dense rainforest.

The African Spotted Eagle Owl is smaller than other eagle owls but despite this are known as the dustbins of Africa and will eat anything with a heartbeat. They prey mainly in small mammals, birds, lizards and scorpions, although they have been known to prey an animals as large as pheasant. The African Spotted Eagle Owl hunts at all hours of the day excluding mid day when the weather is too hot to hunt.

Pairs mate for life and nest in a wide variety of places including rocky ledges, steep banks, amongst boulders or on buildings. Their clutches usually consist of between two and four eggs.