Adopt Pingu our American Burrowing Owl

About Pingu

Pingu is a male American Burrowing Owl who was bought for use on our educational displays after we sadly lost Itchy our American Burrowing Owl who used to be on our display team. He is very cheeky and indulges in naughty behaviour when she wants attention. We also own his sister who he bullies by knocking her over with his wings.




About American Burrowing Owls

The American Burrowing Owl is found across Northern and Southern America. Birds from North America and Canada are migratory. American Burrowing Owls favour open, dry grasslands and desert habitats. They are commonly seen perched on fence posts or on top of mounds outside the burrow. Burrowing Owls are known to nest in colonies. It is thought that these groups may be a response to a local concentration of burrows and food, or possibly an adaptation for mutual defence. Colony members alert each other to the approach of predators and join in driving them off and defending their nests.

American Burrowing Owls feed on a wide variety of prey. Beetles and grasshoppers make up a large portion of their diet but small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, scorpions, bats, and birds are also common quarry for this bird. These Owls also hunt in a variety of ways. They chase down grasshoppers and beetles on the ground, catch large insects on the wing, or hover mid-air before swooping down on their unsuspecting quarry. They also hunt from perches. Unlike other Owls, they also eat fruits and seeds. Burrowing Owls are usually active at dusk and dawn, but will hunt throughout the day and night.

American Burrowing Owls are usually monogamous but occasionally males of the species will have two mates. They generally nest underground in abandoned burrows or if soil conditions allow they will dig their own burrows. Burrowing Owls lay large clutches of between six and twelve eggs.