Adopt Rocky our European Eagle Owl

About Rocky

Rocky is a male European Eagle Owl who came to us as an unwanted pet. His owner moved house and did not want to take Rocky with him.

Rocky had also been neglected. When he first went to live with his family, he was handled regularly but as time went on, he received less and less affection. As a result, every time his owner came to feed him, he flew at the mesh and has permanently damaged his wing as a result.

Rocky came to us aggressive and nervousdue to the neglect he suffered but has now overcome his issues with lots of love and attention and now accompanies the display team on fundraising and educational displays.

About European Eagle Owls

The European Eagle Owl, despite common belief, is native to the U.K. and were naturally living throughout Britain until the 19th Century. Unfortunately, at the end of the 19th century they were persecuted and hunted to extinction in Britain. In recent times they have again been noted to be living wild in Britain, although they are not officially recognised as a native species.

The European Eagle Owl is the largest owl in the world and preys on larger birds and mammals, such as rabbits, foxes and have even been spotted on occasion preying on roe deer. They hunt primarily at dawn and dusk but will also hunt during the day, particularly when caring for their young.

Although the European Eagle Owl is widespread across Europe and is found in a large variety of habitats, they favour nesting sites in woodland, abandoned quarries or on cliff surfaces. They will usually lay between one and four eggs in a clutch with the male and female working co-operatively to care for the young. They often pair for life and roost together during the day.