Adopt Tonka our Sunda Scops Owl

About Tonka

Tonka is a male Sunda Scops. Of the many species of owl at the sanctuary, the Sunda Scops is one of the only species which is totally nocturnal. Tonka lives in an aviary with Midge and the two are the best of friends, though Midge has a nasty habit of jumping on Tonka’s head.




About Sunda Scops Owls

The Sunda Scops is an Oriental Owl which is inhabits  Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Bali. The Sunda Scops favours plantation and garden areas, although they are also one of the few birds of prey reported to be fluorishing in close proximity to the human population. In the past few years they have been reported to nest in buildings as well as trees.

Being mainly insectivorous, the Sunda Scops survives on mainly insects and moths although they will also eat eggs and prey on small mammals and lizards.