Bird Species in the care of BarnOwlBill

_DSC5533BarnOwlBill has converted his home and garden into a sanctuary which has enabled him to look after more and more birds over the years.  At the last count (Jan 2014) there were about 58 residents at  the sanctuary, less than the 80 of a couple of years ago but still quite a number!

The majority of the residents at the sanctuary have required BarnOwlBill’s care due to some sort of injury, either sustained in the wild or as a result of abuse or neglect in captivity.

The birds in his care are not just limited to birds of prey either, he has also taken in geese and pigeons when needed!

Please take a look through the list on the right of this page, each link will take you to a page giving more information about the species and also introduce you to one of the resident birds.