Rescued Tawny

Just had a Tawny Owl brought in with a shattered wing after being found hanging from a tree with fishing line.

Our van is broken for good

Sadly our trusted van has finally packed in.  We have lots of displays coming up in summer but at the moment we can’t get to them without hiring a van for the day – which puts a massive dint in the donations on the day.

Lancashire Evening Post have very kindly produced an article for us, which is here.

Long Eared Owl passes away :-(

We need volunteers!

New arrival

Owl display 5th May at Higham Village Hall, Burnley

On the morning of 5th May 2018 we’ll be displaying some of our owls at Higham Village Hall, Burnley, as part of the villages May fair.

Come along and get up close to these wonderful owls.

Display at Jean Stansfield Park Poulton

On 22nd April 2018 morning we’ll be attending Jean Stansfield Park to display some of our birds.  Come along and get to close to some of these beautiful owls.

Jean Stansfield Memorial Park
Station Rd

Say hello to Tallion