Christmas at the sanctuary

Since you last heard from us at the sanctuary, we have sadly lost the Barn Owl that we rescued, as the strain of her injury was too much for her and in the end she gave up the fight. On a happier note we have been called out 3 times to rescue Tawny owls. Of the 3 that we have rescued 2 can definately be re-released, one of which will be going tonight and the other hopefully after Christmas. The third will become one of our resident owls as it has a damaged left eye and so could not survive in the wild. Also our baby Barn Owl Angel has also made her debut on her first display and proved to be a firm favourite with the general public. The family dog, Tyto, has now recovered from his operation and is back to his happy, bouncy self.

We would also like to say a huge “Thank you” to CA Hanson of Preston as without their help, repairing and organising our a donation of a hot pressure washer for the Sanctuary, we would struggle to keep our aviaries sterile and clean. Once again “Thank You”! Other than that life at the sanctuary has been as normal as it gets, which isn’t saying much….

Until the next update, Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.