Downsizing the Owl Sanctuary

As many of you already know Barn Owl Bill’s health has been doing it’s best to break his spirit recently.  Bill suffers from osteoporosis and cervical spondylosis and the pain brought on by these conditions has become worse over recent months, despite Bill visiting specialists and spending time in hospital.

In addition to this the housing association who own Bill & Carole’s home where the owl sanctuary is based have asked that the sanctuary be reduced in size.  This is a blow for everyone involved and means that the number of birds the sanctuary can care for will be reduced.

In an effort to reduce the amount of land we occupy we have had to sell a few of our birds, which is something we never wanted to do.  Our Turkmenian Eagle Owl, TC, has been sold to a centre in Scotland.  We had an update from his new keepers to say that he is doing very well, is being hand fed and is standing on the hand, his aviary is in a busy part of the centre but he is not phased by people walking past, which is great news.

We have also sold Batley our European Eagle Owl, who has a new home in Warrington.  He now has a new companion and both are doing well and have settled well together, happily calling to each other.  We hope he will be happy there.

Sadly, we recently had to have four rescue birds put to sleep, a Barn Owl who would not fly and we don’t know why, a Tawny Owl with only one wing, a Little Owl who was blind and a a second Little Owl with half a wing and no seer (top) on its beak.  We gave them our best care while they were with us.

This has all meant that we have been able to take down three aviaries and a shed at the far end of the sanctuary.  We are due to have a visit from Progress Housing to view the changes we have made, hopefully they will be happy with what we have done.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.