February Update

Hello all.

New update, a little late as usual!

As ever we have been busy with the rebuilding of our aviaries and shifting the birds into their housing facilities.We have two new aviaries up and running with birds happily settling in.

Its been hectic here as usual with feeding our 90 + hungry mouths (or should I say .. Beaks!?) as well as the cleaning and general maintenace of our birds.

We have had lots of new rescues over the course of the past two months and theses include: A tawny owl that had a broken pelvis and left leg and therefore had to humanely euthanised due to the severity of its injuries, a brown hen that was found wandering on a main road near the sanctuary (she is called henrietta and is very prone to wandering so shes been grounded!), a tawny owl with a severe fungal infection in its mouth and throat and had to be put to sleep, another tawny owl with  a badly damaged wing which had to be amputated and she is doing fine and living with 5 other birds, myself and bill were called to rescue a female tawny owl that was stuck up a chimney. she turned out to be fit and healthy and she was re-released later that same day. earlier this month we were gifted with a Tropical Screech owl and a female Bengal eagle owl – both are fine. a tawny owl with a damaged wing was rescued but died at the vets clinic. Two weeks ago we rescued a female tawny owl from beacon country park in lancashire. She was tangled up in kite string, so we brought her hoem to recover and she was doing fine, and suddenly on saturday morning (21/02/2009) she sadly passed away for reasons unknown.  And last but not least, a couple from Skelmerdale were moving home and could no longer keep their male European eagle owl and so asked if we could take him. His name was Portfield (!?) but we have renamed him Rocky and he is a bonny lad who is settling in well and is quite a softie at heart!

The Barn Owl Bill charity committee have decided upon having a volunteers committee once a month alongside the charity committee to enable our young volunteers to express their views and ideas acroos to the main committee. This hasnt come in to action yet and is currently being worked. Its a great idea to include th younger volunteers at the sancturary and gives us a greater range of idead and views on what can be done to better the life for our birds!!

Untill next time… Take care and thankyou for your continued support.
Bye from everyone at the sancturary and Hoot from all the birds.

Laura-Jayne (Volunteer for Barn Owl Bill)