The return of our Harris Hawk Zena!!

Our female Harris Hawk Zena recently escaped but we can now report that she is back at the Sanctuary with us!

Zena escaped while one of the volunteers at the Sanctuary left the aviary open by mistake when they were tidying up her aviary.  She flew out and landed on the door, looked back at him as if to say I’m out!  and she flew off.

We had a number of sightings reported to us, with one in particular coming from Low Green where she was reportedly mobbed by seagulls and crows, so she flew to a nearby wooded area.  It is quite common for birds to ‘mob’ another bird they see as a potential danger to themselves or their offspring, specifically predators.  Zena took refuge in the trees surrounding Shruggs Wood fishing lake, off West Paddock Leyland.

We were invited into the garden of the Rectory nearby and found that Zena was visiting the garden regularly.  Mrs Shuttleworth allowed us to go into the garden whenever we liked to try and catch Zena.
They made Barn Owl Bill very welcome with cups of tea, which always makes Bill happy!

The escape did however have an adverse effect on Bill’s health and made him quite ill and upset, so much so that he couldn’t go to the garden to try and find Zena for 3 days.  When he did return he rang the bell on Zena’s glove and after twenty minutes she flew into the tree at the back of the garden.  She was quite hungry.
Bill called Zena two or three times and she flew down and tried to take some food from Bill’s hand, which she didn’t get.  When she landed back in the tree she immediately turned round to face Bill.
She came down for a second go and landed on Bill’s hand and started to tuck in, Bill quickly grabbed hold of her legs and hung her upside down and with the help of Mr & Mrs Shuttleworth managed to get her anklets and jesses on.  Phew!

As soon as we did that Mrs Shuttleworth took some photographs which we will add to the website as soon as we get them.  Thanks to them for all the help they gave us in getting back our precious Zena.
As a little thank-you we are going to pay them a visit with some of our birds for them to meet and have a go at holding.  We really are very grateful so thanks again.

Zena is now back in her aviary and has returned to her normal self.

We certainly don’t need any more escapes that’s for sure!